Current Officers
Rev. Milton R. Blount, President
Rev. Robert Rodgers, 1st Vice President
Rev. James Edwards, III, 2nd Vice-President
Rev. Melvin Blackwell, Secretary
Rev. Lessie Leary, Assistant Secretary
Rev. Wade Blount, Treasurer

Historical Sketch

During the year 1882, some significant beginnings were birthed. on January 30, 1882, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the thirty-second President of the United States was born. On the first Monday in May, the Tidewater Metro Baptist Ministers' Conference was organized.

In the early part of the year, and before this time, there was no organization of Colored (Black) pastors in the area. The Reverend J.M. Armstead, upon assuming the pastorate of Zion Baptist Church, Portsmouth, March 1, 1882, expressed the idea, "That it would be profitable and helpful for Colored Pastors to affiliate with their own group." So, Reverend J.M. Armstead along with Reverend Richard Speller and Reverend Holland Powell brought together a conference of Colored (Black) Pastors. They discussed the feasibility of forming an organization for Colored Pastors.

The conference was held on the first Monday in May in 1882. At the time of its birth, the Conference was not named the Tidewater Metro Baptist Ministers' Conference, its proper name now. Several other names have been used. Reverend Harvey N. Johnson, pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Portsmouth, proposed the present name.It was adopted the latter part of 1967.

Although the goal of the conference was "To be of mutual help (to pastors) and to protect the pulpits from imposters," it has manifested strong support with outreach ministries. Included in the history of the Conference is strong support for: Virginia Seminary and College (Virginia University at Lynchburg, VA), the School of Theology (Virginia Union University), Shaw Divinity School, Children's Home of Virginia Baptists (Petersburg, VA), Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention (Washington, DC), Rogers Alcohol and Rescue Mission (Norfolk, VA), Kirk-Cone Rehabilitation and Handicap Center (Norfolk, VA), and EVMS Medical School (Norfolk, VA).

In 1980, the Conference took a giant step in support Christian and Theological training for ministers. Guided by the advice of Dr. James Powell, a non-profit organization, The Theological Scholarship Foundation, was founded separate from the Conference.

Dr. Milton R. Blount, pastor of New Mount Olivet Baptist Church, Portsmouth, VA, serves as the current president of the Conference.

The Conference publishes, separately, its goals, and objectives for the conference year. These, along with the constitution and by-laws, serve as a guide to the Conference's presence in the Hampton Roads area and beyond.