NMOBC Purpose
The purpose of New Mount Olivet Baptist Church is to reach out to area communities through positive Christian teachings demonstrating Christ's love for mankind.

Church Mission
The mission of the New Mount Olivet Baptist Church, as one in Christ, is to grow into the knowledge of truth so that the Holy Spirit and by

the love of God, we may actively participate and support ministries of this church, preach and teach the gospel, witness of Jesus to all the earth, minister to those in need, and glorify our God, who is in heaven.
  1. To be in unity
  2. To be disciples
  3. To exercise our gifts in the church; to give our tithes and offerings to the church
  4. To preach and teach to the people of God
  5. To evangelize (share our faith) to our local community and abroad
  6. To exercise our calling inside and outside the church
  7. To fulfill our purpose in life

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